Hanshi Scott Hogarth

Hanshi Scott Hogarth has been teaching martial arts at his own club for over 35 years. While he holds Master titles and black belts in 7 martial arts styles, he has chosen to teach traditional Okinawan Go Ju Ryu Karate and Hapkijitsu at Fighting Griffin Martial Arts.

An 11-time world champion, Hanshi has been awarded many honours, including the 2014 Masters Hall of Fame Golden Lifetime Achievement Award and the Sport Karate Museum Dragon Image Fighting Award. both for his lifelong contribution to sport karate. During his successful career in martial arts, Hanshi has helped to establish competition rules and a refereeing system in addition to winning countless awards
Hanshi Scott has appeared as an actor, stuntman and a fight choreographer in 10 action movies over the years.

A martial artist with integrity, strength and compassion, Hanshi has been teaching with the Halton District School Board for over 20 years. He has also served our community as a firefighter and a paramedic.


“When man is bound by a single Way, that’s when he stops growing.”



8th Dan – Northern Lights Hap Ki Jitsu
8th Dan – Okinawan Go Ju Ryu Karate
7th Dun – Hap Ki Do (Kong Shin Bup)
4th Dan – Chito Ryu Karate
3rd Dan – Japanese Go Ju Ryu Karate
2nd Dan – Kempo/Kung Fu
1st Dan – Jiu-Jitsu
Kobudo (Weapons) Master



Lineage – Okinawan Go Ju Ryu

Okinawa Go Ju Ryu


Lineage – Japanese Go Ju Ryu

Japanese Go Ju Ryu

Lineage – Chito Ryu

Chito Ryu

Lineage – Jiu Jistu

Jiu Jitsu

Lineage – Siu lum kung fu

Kung Fu


As Hanshi Scott became a student of each Sensei, he never stopped being a student of his previous Sensei’s. Even over the years; training, learning and developing kunder each Sensei has continued.

1973 Vancouver Sensei Iseo Yabanaka, Japanese Go Ju, now part of J.K.A
1975 Toronto Sensei Monte Guest, Chito Ryu, Kai-Shin
1976 Etobicoke Gerry Watson, Ju-Jitsu
1976 Markham Sui Lum Kune, Shaolin Kung Fu 
Sifu Ron Beer
, Chinese & Japanese Weapons & Kempo
1976 White Fish Falls Israel Segarra, Japanese Go Ju Ryu
1977 Kingston Ken Tallack, Weapons
1978 Toronto Chuck Platten, Hap Ki Do, Kong Shin Bup
1989 Okinawa, Japan Toyama Zenshu, Okinawa Go Ju Ryu, Shin Ji Kan
1989 Okinawa, Japan Gibo Sensei, Shorin Ryu Karate  Kobudo (weapons)
Morihiro Yagi Sensei 
(Esteemed Friend)
1995 Okinawa, Japan Kotara Iha Sensei, Okinawa Kobudo ( weapons)
1995 Okinawa, Japan Nashiro Sensei, Yamane  Okinawan Kobudo (weapons)


Toyama Zenshu Sensei
9th Dan – Go Ju Ryu Karate, Okinawa, Japan .

Ren Mei Association within the Tem Bu Kai Association of Okinawa, Japan.

Ryu Kyu (Koko) (Gi) Kobudo, Okinawa, Japan

Kai Shin Association

Monty Guest
9th Dan Sensei Chito Ryu, Canada

Chuck Platten

Grand Master – Kong Shin Bup Association, Hap Ki Do, Korea

Nashiro Sensei
Yamane Ryu Okinawan Weapons

Hanshi Gibo – Kyoshi Morihiro Yagi
Shobu-Kan Shorin Ryu